Daybreak has been a normal everyday event since the moment God created light out of darkness. The counseling/pastoral care "Daybreak" ministry is a similar phenomenon of bringing light into darkness. It is like a new beginning of life, brought about through the healing touch of God's presence in Truth and Love in our lives.

"Daybreak" began in the year 2000. It is an interdenominational ministry serving individuals, leaders, pastors and their spouses. The founders were Adam and Mira Otremba. Presently they are co-laboring with Wojtek & Agnieszka Kowalewscy and Ania Clegg.

The ministry was developed in response to a wide variety of needs that were being expressed throughout the local churches of Poland - needs for personal healing, breaking of bonds, and the need for renewal and unity in people’s relationship with Christ. The ministry is built on the authority of the scriptures and a personal relationship with Christ.